Three exclusive new releases

The pace of the releases is accelerating and today we have not one but three drops ton present!

Live at Salon d'Automne — Shimon

We made history by releasing the longest track ever stored on any blockchain. Who said data and blockchain are incompatible?

This 73 minutes liveset from Shimon is composed only of exclusive productions.

For the 2020 edition of the Salon d'Automne, I have recorded a liveset, composed only of unreleased productions for Domino Full Action, Founded by Jérôme Dorise-Abdeljalil. Domino Full Action offers a platform where artists and techinicians can collaborate and express themselves through projects using the latest technology. In this exclusive record, I wanted to express my art through a long journey to the borders of happy psychedelism and ideal hedonism. To illustrate this approach, it seemed obvious to me to invite my dear friend Juliette, with who I share the love to celebrate life. — Shimon

Current highest bid at only 341 euros.

Dead Plants — KREYA

We also released an exclusive track from KREYA:

"Dead plants" describes the imbalance between things we observe from an outside perspective and things that are actually happening. Like a cactus that seems to be growing but might be hollow on the inside. This ambivalence is captured in the song through different layers of vocal harmonies, soft guitar and organ playing accompanied by rhythmic elements. It’ll take you onto a journey that’s gentle, a bit bizarre, yet hopeful. — KREYA

Current highest bid at 25 euros

Ombres Orange — CRTN

Last but not least Ombres Orange from CRTN:

"Ombres Orange" (Orange Shadows) originally refers to the metaphor of lighting darkness. Flickering blended sonority serves the idea that even in the darkest place lives warm and light. Melodies make clear shifting that generates intended inconsistency. Orchestral creation brings a multitude of emotions, but CRTN wanted to focus on the contrasting ones. — CRTN

Current highest bid at 35 euros

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